How To Save Data Watching Videos On Facebook And YouTube

How to save data watching videos on Facebook and YouTube is one thing that should come to your mind if you intend watching YouTube videos. Do you want to reduce the MB or GB of data you used when watching videos on YouTube? Then we have got you covered in this article.

save data watching videos on Facebook and YouTube

So many times we enjoy watching YouTube videos just to keep our eyes and mind busy. But I don’t see it that way. I have heard people complain that YouTube videos and Facebook videos consume so much data. Well, that could be true depending on how you use your data.

Before now, I have been using my mobile Data to stream YouTube videos especially football matches that really interest me. I have discovered over the years that there is just a simple way to reduce the waste of data when streaming videos online. Be it Facebook or YouTube, you can still reduce the size of GB or Mb you use.

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I don’t want to believe that so many of you do not know about YouTube and Facebook. If you don’t know about them then I can spare sometime to explain a bit of YouTube and Facebook social network.


YouTube is one of the biggest website to watch latest movies online. These videos can easily be downloaded onto your mobile or PC device depending on your choice. The official website of YouTube is There are so many videos that one can watch on YouTube, such as: Live Football game, Movies, Comedy videos, etc.

How To Watch Videos On YouTube

So many people still do not know how to save data watching videos on YouTube. But thank God for this article coming your way today. We shall be looking at the right steps to watch YouTube videos such as movies and live programs.

Below is the steps to watch videos on

  • Go to YouTube official website
  • On the search box, enter the name of the videos you want to watch. Example: Chelsea FC Premier league games 2021.

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Facebook has become the biggest social media network in the world. a platform that has over two hundred million (200,000,000) active users. The social media has so many features such as a platform to chat with your friends and family when they are online. You can as well drop a message for any of your friends who is not online and wait for their response immediately they appear online.

The CEO of Facebook is Mark Zuckerberg. Recently, Facebook has introduced so many new policy such as ban for hate speech and violent comments that can warrant conflict. To be safe on Facebook, one need to mind his comments.

How To Stream Facebook Videos

If you have a Facebook account and have never stream on Facebook then you need to learn it today. Though, we do not advise you to always stream videos on Facebook in order not to consume your data. But if you have enough data, you are free to watch any video on Facebook.

Now, let me show you the steps to stream Facebook videos without stress. Follow the steps by step guide here to watch Facebook videos:

  • Go to Facebook website
  • Login with your Facebook login details by entering your username and password
  • Once you’re logged in, tap Facebook videos making sure your data is on.
  • Your videos will start playing immediately if at all your Internet is strong.

NOTE: You may decide to stop the video if you don’t want to continue watching it. Is not compulsory you must watch or stream the video till the end.

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Facebook Data Saving Experience

I have gathered so much experience on Facebook video. To save data watching videos is no longer a new thing to me. I remember when I will consume 3GB Glo and MTN data watching videos on Facebook. Initially I didn’t know that it consumes a lot because I usually use free office Internet to stream any video online.

When there was no longer Internet in my office I noticed the value of the free Wi-Fi. Now, I do not watch videos any how I want to while going through my Facebook account. I wouldn’t have spent so much data if I had the experience I have today. So join me to be part of it and enjoy watching videos any time your are on Facebook or YouTube.

YouTube Data Saving Experience

I have really consumed so much data while streaming on YouTube. I discovered that, YouTube videos even consume more data compared to Facebook. I remember the day I spent hours watching YouTube videos online not knowing the amount of data I have consumed. Today, I have learnt my lessons and though, I have discovered a new method to save data watching videos on YouTube.

How To Save Data Watching Videos On YouTube

let us now see the method millions of people use to save data when watching YouTube videos on website. If you follow the steps I will show you here, you will never cry of spending much data on YouTube videos.

This is now to go about it:

  • Go to
  • Locate the video you want to watch
  • Copy the video link address
  • Go to website
  • Paste the YouTube video link address in the box
  • Click download
  • Select the format and size you want your video to carry. Example: MP4 720, MP4 360, etc.
  • Immediately you select any them, your video will start downloading.
  • With this procedure, you are sure to save so much MB or GB of your data.
  • How To Save Data When Watching Facebook Videos
  • Facebook videos is not far from YouTube video size. Even, some Facebook videos are in HD and HD videos consumes data more. Now we shall see the right steps to save some data when streaming Facebook videos online.
  • Follow the steps below to save your data on Facebook:
  • If you are using a Laptop or PC, install the add-ons or extensions.
  • The Add-on will be on every Facebook video you are watching.
  • Click on the arrow to download the video.

Downloading the Facebook videos will help to reduce the size of data you spend watching videos online.

Is there any other thing you want to add to this article on How To Save Data Watching videos on Facebook And YouTube, do so by using the comment section below. We’ll be glad to read from you.

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