NHS Jobs In UK With Tier 2 Visa Sponsorship – Apply

NHS Jobs In UK With Tier 2 Visa Sponsorship – How to apply NHS jobs in the United Kingdom is very simple. National Health Service jobs is available for everyone who is a certified Nurse or Doctor. The NHS served amazing well during the pandemic period and still working hard to see to the good health standard of the citizens.

NHS Jobs In UK

Many Nurses and Medical doctors has always wished to work with the NHS but has not gotten the opportunity. This post is just here to let you know that, there are ways to go about NHS jobs in UK. Application procedure is well discussed here.

Health is one of the most important thing any one should first think of before talking about wealth. As the saying goes: Health is Wealth! Good health is what you need to make wealth. I believe everyone of you will want to have a good health.

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Well, this particular job is only meant for health workers all over the world. If you think you have all it takes to work in the nhs then you need to apply nhs jobs immediately. But there are criteria or requirements you need to meet before applying for NHS job in the UK.


This service is not only limited to people with PCs or Laptops. You can as well use this service right on your mobile device. Be it Apple, Android or windows. The NHS App is available for all mobile devices.

The essence of creating the nhs app is to enable those who may want to assess the website with their mobile phones. The NHS App is well structures and user friendly. You can book appointments with the NHS App, order repeat prescriptions and access a range of other healthcare services.

We shall be looking at how to download the nhs app for iOS and Android.

How To Download NHS App for iOS and Android

NHS App for Apple

If you are using iPhone, iPod and iPad, all you need to do is to quickly visit the App Store to download this application.

  • Go to App Store
  • Locate the NHS app using the search box or click Here
  • Install the App once it finished downloading.
  • Click Open to start using it.

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NHS App for Android

Those using Android phones already knows the procedure to install app from Play Store. But if you are not too conversant with the steps to install app, follow the steps here:

  • Go to Play Store or Click Here
  • Search for the NHS App using the search box
  • Click ‘Install’ to start installation.
  • Open the App when it’s done installing.

Now that you are done Installing the mobile application, all you need is to start using it to book appointment and get prescriptions from your Doctor.

It will interest you to know that NHS services focuses mainly on:

  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Care and Support
  • Pregnancy
  • Mental health
  • Coronavirus care, etc.

Our major focus on this article is how to apply NHS jobs in UK. The scarcity of jobs in the countries has made so many of us to travel to abroad in search of a better employment.

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Why You Need To Work in The UK

There are so many reason why you need to work abroad especially in the UK. So many Africans are currently working in the UK and USA for the purpose of getting a better salary. Salary has become a major issue in getting a job in some African countries such as Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Cameroun, etc.

Recently, a friend of my sent me a Facebook message chat informing me that she has travelled to the UK. When I asked her why she travelled to the UK, she told me it was for job. She is a Nurse and was opportune to get the job in the UK before arrival.

I wanted to know the procedure she applied in the process of this movement. She was very open to let me know the procedures and I will be sharing it with you in this post. Just relax and read to the end.

Websites To Apply for NHS Jobs in UK

There are websites offering NHS jobs in UK but you must meet their requirements. We shall be listing some of those website for you here. But shall discuss the procedure to application in the next sub-heading. Below are some of the sites to apply for UK jobs:

  • www.reed.co.uk
  • indeed.co.uk
  • hiring.monster.co.uk
  • otta.com
  • www.jobsite.co.uk
  • unicornhunt.io
  • workinstartups.com
  • escapethecity.org
  • www.cv-library.co.uk
  • www.adzuna.co.uk
  • wikijob.co.uk
  • totaljobs.com
  • monster.co.uk
  • glassdoor.co.uk
  • cwjobs.co.uk
  • jobs.guardian.com

Requirements To Work in The UK As A Registered Nurse And Doctor

There are some requirement that you must have to enable you complete the NHS Job application in UK. Below are some of the required documents:

  1. International Passport – This is the first thing you need to get.
  2. IELTS Test – You must register for the IELTS exam and make sure you pass it before proceeding to applying for a job in the UK.
  3. Pay for NMC UK to hasten quick verification of your profession.
  4. Get Police report and do your verification.
  5. Get TB vaccination
  6. Proceed to Apply for jobs through NHS, CV Library, etc.

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How To Apply NHS Jobs In The United Kingdom As A Nurse And Doctor

Are you a Nurse or Doctor searching for a job in the UK? Do you intend to travel to UK for the purpose of getting a better job? Then relax and see the steps you need to take to get your dream job in the UK.

In most cases, the mode for this job application is strictly online and you must be computer literate to be able to get this job application completed.

  • Quickly visit the NHS website
  • Search for the job by clicking on Search Jobs.
  • Enter your profession or discipline in the search box and search.
  • Select any of the Jobs listed and start your application.
  • Submit the NHS job application when you are done filling it.

Hope we make sense here. Do you have any question concerning this post on how to apply NHS Jobs in UK.

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