Best Way to Lose Belly Fat Without Exercise

Best way to lose belly fat overnight without much exercise is what everyone that has much weight to lose will always go for. Exercise is one of the major means of losing weight but there are some exercise you must not engage in depending on your health status.

Best Way to Lose Belly Fat

We shall be looking at various ways one can easily lose belly fat without exercise. These measures I will show you here has really helped me as a person and I think it will also help you in losing weight.

For men and women with protruding stomach that has tried everything possible to reduce belly fat, there is a solution for you here. So many people have complained of their inability to engage in some exercise that can help them reduce weight especially the belly fat.

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After several trial and get exhausted with the strenuous exercise, they resort to another means which will be more easier and simpler to them. Before we proceed to the main topic of the day I will love to share some of my testimonies with you.

Testimonies On Belly Fat Lose

Before now I used to have a protruding stomach which has caused me to stop wearing some of my cloths especially shirts. It was not like this before I got married and no one ever thought that I can become this big after wedding.

To my greatest surprise, after the wedding I started adding and didn’t notice it until I could no longer wear some of my cloths which I bought before the wedding. This problem now made to start looking for a way to lose weight which I finally got.

Some attributed my fatness to family hereditary because my mum is weighty to some extent and it seems I carried that same gene. But I don’t think that is correct because I used to be very slim before now.

I have started my weight lose medication but not really based on exercise. So if you think is only through exercise that one can lose weight then you are making a serious mistake. And need to redress that mentality.

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Why Women Need To Lose Weight

Every woman wants to look young every day. but getting that achieved most times seems to be very difficult but still achievable. Men most time do not bother abut their stature unlike women who will always use their stature to entice men.

For every lady out there, you don’t really need much exercise to lose belly fat overnight. All you need is just a tip of strategies on some things I will share with you on this article. Do you know that, girls will want to look smart and fit just for men to recognize and feel attracted to them.

I know of a girl who goes to gym every day to keep fit. Her reason of going to gym was to look beautiful for her boy friend who does not even care for his own fitness. So for every woman out there, you need to learn how to lose weight to keep your husband or boy friend to yourself alone.

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Reason Men Hit The Gym

So many men hit the gym just to keep fit but sometimes they are not doing that to keep fit but to entice ladies with their macho body. I once hit the gym sometime 2020 but had to quit due to the fact that it was affecting me health wise.

I prefer to do walk out instead of lifting weight objects to develop muscles. I can still recount my experience on the first day at the gym. Something that I have never tried doing before in my life and I found myself in it.

It was not really funny on the first day because all my joint got broken. I was told it will relax as I continue gym on daily basis. Though so many people said it was true but I could not continue.

Though the muscle started growing on the first month I started this exercise but my joints was a major issue to me. I have a trace of arthritis and if I should continue gym, it will affect me adversely. Finally, I quit after 2 months.

Importance of Weight Loss

There are so many reasons to lose belly fat. Some of these reasons are very important to everyone as long as you have protruding belly.

Here are some of the importance of exercise:

Reduces Arthritis

My Dad will always tell me to make sure I do some exercise since my work is a sitting job. When I looked into what he said, I discovered that I need to engage myself in little exercise to help my joint to be a bit flexible. If you have not suffered arthritics, you will not understand what people with the ailment is passing through.

If your office is close to your house, I will advise you do some trekking every morning to your office. Also do the same when you are closed for work. With that method, you will not have much issues with arthritis especially during old age.

Since I discovered this strategy, I trek to work and trek home after work on daily basis. This exercise has helped me as a person and has even helped me to reduce my expenses on transportation.

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Reduces Too Much Fat

Do you know that excess belly fat will cause you stroke hence the need to seek for best way to lose belly fat. It is advise for every fat person to take a walk of not less than 20 minutes daily. Let me tell you a story.

I remember in my secondary school days, there was this girl named ‘Joy’ who joined in the middle of the term. She was very fat when she joined us and we usually make jest of her due to her fatness.

She usually come to school from a village with a high hill and will trek the distance which is usually not less 50 minutes to the school. It was a great surprise to everyone who knew Joy then that before could graduate from the secondary school, Joy was a slim girl.

The hills and distance she covers on daily basis acted on her weight. As I talk to you now, Joy is still a slim girl and has remain that way even after child bearing.

Best Way To Lose Belly Fat without Exercise

Now, let us talk about best way to lose belly fat without much exercise. Some of you may find it difficult to lose weight through exercise but there is a simple and easier way to lose weight. I have tried these means of losing weight and it works for me. I guess it will work for you too.

How many of you knows about turmeric and lime? Turmeric is a very good root to help you shed some weight. Now, we will look at the procedure to get this done.

See how to get it done:

  • Get turmeric root
  • Get lime, ginger and hibiscus flower
  • Slice the lime and pound the ginger and turmeric roots.
  • Boil them together for 15 to 20 minutes
  • Take it down and sieve it
  • Allow it to cool a bit
  • Then drink it.

If you can do this practice for twice daily, your fat belly will reduce within some weeks.

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