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Work Permit in Ecuador

Work permit in Ecuador with Availability and Application Guidelines are what you we will be assisting you on this page. Meanwhile,   Ecuador is famous as a retirement haven. But you might not want to wait until retirement age to move there and enjoy the wonderful advantages of living in Ecuador. In that case, what does it mean to work in Ecuador as an expat? Here’s an overview of what you can expect. Although  many people has always say said that the rate of payment of workers in the country is extremely low.

Work Permit in Ecuador

but you  have to understand  that  the same goes  to the the cost of living,  the cost of living is similarly low and that a family can live adequately on a few hundred dollars a month.  You may also like Work permit in US

base on the  type of work you are  dong  employers are required to pay 17.8% of a worker’s salary into the Ecuadorian social security scheme, known as the IESS.

This payment offers the worker full health insurance coverage (with no copays), access to low-interest loans, and also pays into a retirement fund for the worker. Contracts are initially signed for a trial period of three months, following which they can be renewed each year.

Recent government laws protect the worker, requiring the employer to legally contract the employee, pay into IESS, and not be able to fire the worker without paying severance.

Even if the worker steals, neglects to show up for work, or even quits, the employer is still required to pay a severance payment.

The severance amount depends on how long the employee has been working for the employer, and if the employee was fired or actually quit working.

As to work hours in Ecuador, the norm is 40 hours a week with 8 hours daily.

The working day can start anywhere from 6 to 10 am and finish 8 to 10 hours later, depending on the type of work and if the employer allows a short or longer lunch time.

Employees in the medical field and in public and private schools tend to start and leave work earlier; retail and office workers most often start and leave later.

Employment in Ecuador

  • Ecuador’s economy mostly depends on oil and agriculture, however increasing numbers of multinational corporations provide opportunities for expats.
  • Certain paperwork is required for an Ecuadorian work permit; this needs to be done before you can start working.
  • Ecuador has a comprehensive taxation and social security system which applies to anyone who resides in Ecuador for more than 183 days a year.
  • Ecuadorians tend to be more people-focused when it comes to business, compared to the strict scheduled routine that many English-speaking expats may be used to.

to start business in Ecuador, has become increasingly popular.

Having recuperated from the crippling effects of a recession in 1998–99, the national economy grew by an average of more than 5% annually.

Despite a dip in 2016, the growth trend returned in 2017, albeit being somewhat slower, making working in Ecuador a viable option for expats.

How to get work permit in Ecuador

The first thing  you  need to do is  to contact  the

Ecuadorian mission in your country and applying for a work permit. You can also find more information on visas in our article on Relocating to the Tropical Paradise Ecuador

Visa requirements include:

  • a passport, valid for at least 6 months after departure
  • an Aplicación de Visa and Certificado de Visación to be completed at the embassy
  • two recent passport-sized photographs (in color)
  • a written request from your company to the Ecuadorian Foreign Service Officer in the place of residence
  • a CV

The fee for the work visa is 230 USD. For a full list of requirements, see the homepage of the Ecuadorian embassy in your country. The mission in the Netherlands, for example, has a very helpful overview page.

Work permit in Ecuador, Paying Your Taxes

If you are an expat in Ecuador but spend more than half of any given calendar year outside the country

you will be taxed at a flat rate of 22% of your income generated within Ecuador (2017).

Those who live in Ecuador for more than 183 days a year are taxed based on income.

Income is divided into different brackets with a base level of taxation.

Anything you earn that’s over the lower threshold of the bracket is then taxed at a fixed percentage.

For example, if your income is 50,000 USD, your tax category ranges from 39,830 USD to 59,730 USD.

The basic tax rate for this level is 3,861 USD; the tax rate on the sum exceeding the lower limit is 20%, so the total tax due is 5,895 USD.

A detailed, up-to-date overview of all the tax categories and rates can be found on the pages of the Servicio de Rentas Internas. work permit in Canada

Work permit in Ecuador : Paying for the social securities

Social security payments in Ecuador are split between employers and employees, with the government partly subsidizing programs.

National social security services are fairly comprehensive, offering programs for old age, disability, sickness, maternity, and unemployment.

All things considered, you can expect around 9% of your earnings to go towards the social security fund.

Contacting the local customs and Etiquette

Ecuadorians often focus on people and relationships rather than strictly adhering to schedules.

While arriving late to work probably won’t be tolerated, you can expect meetings, both at work and in your leisure time, to take a flexible approach to start times.

Indications of status, such as academic titles, are valued.

If you meet or work with someone who has such a distinction, you should address them by it, for example doctor/doctora.

In contrast to many English-speaking countries, people usually do not start using first-names to address each other all that quickly.

The expression of emotions, both positive and negative, is very normal in Ecuador.

Ecuadorians are, in general, warm and welcoming, and physical proximity is not unusual.

For example, to greet one another, men may pat each other on the shoulder and women tend to kiss once on the right cheek.

However, don’t worry about this too much take the lead from local residents and remember that it’s just one of the cultural differences that makes expat life interesting! checkout also work permit in UK 

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The jobs  you can find in Ecuador

Here are the list of Work you need to Know about;

Oil and Agriculture

Ecuador’s economy mainly rests on two pillars: oil and agriculture. The agricultural sector contributes a sizeable portion of the national GDP and is also one of the country’s biggest employers, providing jobs for more than a quarter of the population. The focus of Ecuadorian agriculture is bananas, coffee, and cocoa.

The oil sector is still the most dominant by far. Ecuador’s oil producing sector has not only given many Ecuadorians a secure job, but is also a large factor in drawing expats to the country. Other growth sectors include chemicals, machinery, construction, and electronics.

Free Trade Zones

The four free trade zones (FTZ) in the country give companies and expats numerous incentives for investment and lasting cooperation.

Among the benefits for foreign companies in the free trade zones are near-universal tax and customs exemption, security personnel, logistical advantages

such as proximity to airports and major cities (three of the four FTZs are located in the Costa region), and modern offices and storage buildings.

Any company that’s planning on working in Ecuador’s travel, industry, import/export, or services sectors is eligible to establish a branch or office in one of the free trade zones.

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