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Tangerine Life Insurance – Get N500,000+ For Insurance @

Tangerine Life Insurance Limited was formally known as Metropolitan Life Insurance owned by Verod Capital, a leading private equity firm investing in growth companies across Anglophone West Africa. the company has after a meticulous process, concluded its merger with ARM Life PLC.

Tangerine Life Insurance

The key objective of the acquisition is to build a stronger, broader insurance and financial services platform, drawing on the strengths of both entities.  Checkout life insurance in UK

Tangerine’s strength in the corporate market segment and ARM Life’s broad retail and annuity-based service offering.

Since it was first announced in February, 2020, both organizations have embarked on a rigorous exercise to evaluate their collective strengths and address any gaps, towards building an impressive new enterprise focused on digital first.

The new entity will focus on impressing and satisfying customers with quality products and a superior customer experience.

Tangerine Life’s ethos and drive is clear in the words of Livingstone Magorimbo, Managing Director, Tangerine Life,

“Integrating the businesses has presented us a tremendous opportunity to enhance our capabilities, improve operating efficiencies and grow our businesses.

At Tangerine Life, we will continue to innovate, drive positive change within the insurance industry and create tremendous value for our customers towards effectively positioning our business to stay ahead of the next wave of industry evolution.’’

The next phase of ARM Life’s rich retail and annuity heritage involves leveraging technology to better serve all stakeholders.

“Innovation is paramount in ensuring customer satisfaction in today’s business landscape.

We believe that the combination of both entities will ensure exceptional value creation for existing

And new customers and partners,” Stephen Alangbo, (former Managing Director at ARM Life) and director at Tangerine Life explained.

The merger places Tangerine Life firmly as the 4th largest life insurer in Nigeria and positions it for future growth.

Some facts you need to about Tangerine Life Insurance

The company is a financial service provider that consistently goes the extra mile to improve the lives of our consumers.

By merging deep consumer insights and cutting-edge technology, it has built a range of carefully tailored products which improve the quality of your life, through financial security.

Tangerine Life’s reliable financial services create and protect your wealth, journeying with you towards an enjoyable future for you and your loved ones.

the company on Monday, June 7, 2021, the African Development Bank (AFDB) hosted a webinar aimed at enlightening African countries on their response to issues surrounding taxation and its impact on debt management, especially in light of issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The mission of the company

Tangerine Life,  believes that financial security is important in raising the quality of life.  and  the company constantly improving our products to serve your financial management needs.

  • To create and protect the clients  and all  the members wealth through digital financial solutions.
  • To be the number one of  company that provide  financial solutions, at the same time, give the whole world the reputation of  innovation and trustworthiness.
  • And To provide solutions that cater to your today, while also securing your tomorrow.
  • To built a range of carefully tailored products which improve the quality of life.
  • To have a reliable financial services products create and protect your wealth, guaranteeing you and your loved ones an enjoyable life.

Some of the features of the company 

Protect – You can instantly access a range of innovative insurance products to protect your loved ones in case of life’s eventualities.  know also about insurance policies in US 

Life insurance is no longer tedious and mundane with our simple and easy-to-use solutions.

Create – Our range of products offer options to help in financial planning to create wealth and secure the future of your loved ones.

Grow – Embrace the chance to use your funds efficiently so, whether long-term or short-term, our products suit your plans and assure returns on your investments.

believe- the company believe that financial security is an important factor in raising the quality of life. and  the company constantly improving our products to serve your financial needs

Excellence-   the companies  standards are high and this comes through in everything they do.

Entrepreneurship- Every member of the Tangerine Life team passionately takes ownership of every process to ensure excellent service delivery

Trust-   the record of the customer satisfaction speaks for itself, the team  take the responsibility towards your financial security seriously.

Discipline- the company are detail-oriented, process-driven with a focus on attaining the best possible results for you.

Creativity- The Team step further with your best interest at the forefront of the company’s  process.

How to get started with the company online

Create an account

The method of creating account t is simple all you have to do is  create an account by clicking on the Get Started button below.

Select a policy

selecting policy shouldn’t get you confused how to do it is clicking on  either Term Life or Term Life plus and fill in all information required.

Make Payment

This is the final stage of the account creation. You just have to make payment and you done. at  the completion of the payment making you receive an Email notification of your policy certificate .Get started

 Why you should choose Tangerine Life for Insurance

Instant Life Insurance

Every one knows  that life is uncertain, the company also knows this at the same time,  but in times like these the uncertainty heightens. One thing the company guarantee is you can get your life insurance cover with us in just a few clicks.

Life Cover up to ₦5,000,000

You have the opportunity to ensure your loved ones are securely provided for with our guaranteed pay out worth ₦5,000,000 to take care of life’s essentials when you can’t

For a 12 month Period

You have to grab the opportunity now for  the Times like these don’t last forever, the companies  12 month plan ensures that you can weather the storm with confidence with an affordable one-off premium payment.

Flexible Payment Options

you also have  the opportunity  to secure  the life of Your family and loved ones could be safe and secure with as little as ₦950 every month or ₦10,500 per year. It’s all up to you.

Caring for loved ones just got easier

the companies term life plus plans focus on providing life insurance cover for a period of one year with a guaranteed pay out of up to ₦5,000,000.

These plans provide cover in the face of a pandemic and offer an extra layer of a redeemable 10% upon diagnosis of critical illness including COVID-19. Now that’s REAL Cover

Purchase policies for the people around you that make sure that your life continues running during the lockdown and at  any other time you feel purchasing .

Financial security is within reach

At Tangerine Life, the companies  believe that financial security is important in raising the quality of life. And one more thing with the company  you  are secure.

And  the company constantly improving our products to serve your financial management needs.

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