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Steps to Get a Fully Funded Scholarship to Study Abroad

Steps to Get a Fully Funded Scholarship to Study Abroad  – We all wish to study abroad but the only challenge we have is how to start the process. And by so doing many have failed to actualize their dream of studying abroad.  However, you do not need to panic because we have got you covered in every aspect of fully-funded scholarship to study abroad.

The Fully Funded Scholarship to Study Abroad are of various types ranging from merit-based scholarships to need-based scholarships and research scholarships, etc. These scholarships in most cases are fully funded by the some organizations, governments, as well as educational for national or international students.

Fully funded scholarships are the opportunities as elaborated by the name which cover almost all the study expenses. For instance: tuition fees, food and accommodation charges, travel expenses, and research and projects expenses are well taken care of by the scholarship board.

However, these international scholarships are very rare and competitive due to their nature. Most of the students who actually want to enroll into the scholarship do not know the right way to apply for a fully paid scholarship. Resultantly, they get no benefits from such splendid opportunities. This article titled “steps to get a Fully Funded Scholarship to Study Abroad” is focusing more on the steps to get a fully funded scholarship in abroad.

Due to the fact that most of the students or applicant do not always know when this scholarship application starts, we have tasked ourselves to provide you with the update as at when due. To be on a safer side in order to miss the deadline, we encourage you to subscribe to our news letter.

Aside from visiting our website, the students must visit the official paid scholarship websites of individual countries. There is a way to easily go about searching for scholarships online and we shall show you that on this article. For instance, you can Google: Official scholarship in Canada 2021, Top tuition free university in Australia 2021, etc.

Basic Requirements to Get a Fully Funded Scholarship to Study Abroad:

The following are some of the basic requirements of every fully sponsored scholarship. Students should pay full attention to all these aspects while applying for fully-funded international scholarships. The requirements include:

  • Fully attended application or the registration form
  • Motivation letter and personal statement
  • Recommendation letters
  • Acceptance letter from the academic institution (if required)
  • In case of need base scholarship, low-income proof
  • Official financial statements
  • Proof of academic achievements (if any)
  • Poof of accolades in extracurricular activities (if any)
  • IELTS or GREE (if required)

Eligibility Criteria for Scholarship Sponsorship:

Each scholarship has different eligibility criteria ranging from the age of the applicants to their nationality. All the scholarship opportunities always clearly mention the criteria in their application. Students must read the eligibility options thoroughly before applying for any scholarship. They must check if their country is eligible before proceeding to apply.

If the country is present in the list of the countries who can apply, the next thing the applicant must do is to check the age limit. Similarly, some scholarships are for women only, some are for some specific continents and some are for all international students. So, before applying to any fully funded scholarship, one must know if he or she is eligible.

Steps to Apply for a Fully Funded Scholarship to Study Abroad

It is very simple and easy to apply for scholarship only if you can follow the right steps. In the above paragraphs surely you have understood the process in a comprehensive way. Other technicalities are discussed below sequentially.

  • Complete the registration by completing the given application form. Remember not to leave any box blank in your application form. If you think you have nothing to write in the given box, then simply write N/A but don’t leave it blank.
  • Give accurate E-mail address and check your confirmation for registration.
  • Write a strong personal statement as it is the most crucial and important part of getting a scholarship. Check some best models for writing a good personal statement on the internet. Try to be genuine and original in writing your personal statement.
  • Make your academic record verified by the official verification institute of your country
  • Some of the research-based scholarships require a research proposal. Work hard to formulate your best proposal. It is better if you get some information about the supervisor you are going to choose and learn about his/her research work and then make your proposal according to the interest of your supervisor as well as your own interest. This will maximize the chance to get a scholarship.
  • In some cases your bank statements must be clearing showing that you deserve the opportunity you are applying for.
  • The letters of recommendation must be verifiable. Mention correct E-mail and contact number on the letter.
  • Your referees must be people who are computer literate and must be willing to take calls and reply mails as at when due.

If you can abide by the steps shown here, there is every possibility and a very high chance that you can get a Fully Funded Scholarship to Study Abroad.

Meanwhile, we are to guide you better. If there is anything you don’t understand very well, kindly let us by using the contact us form. We shall be there to assist you better. Also, help us to share this article.

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