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Commercial Real Estate In US – Own A House In United States

Commercial Real Estate In US , Commercial real estate is basically for business purposes, in  this it provide a work space rather than living space which constitute real estate.

Most of the time it may be leased to a tenant who will be using to generate finance for the real owner. know about real estate establishment in US 

Commercial real estate includes several categories, such as retailers of all kinds, office space, hotels & resorts, strip malls, restaurants, and healthcare facilities.

Commercial real estate is at the top of many investors’ wish lists, and for good reason: it has proven to be a lucrative endeavor time and time again.

However, if you are buying commercial property, it is important to understand that increased reward can also mean increased responsibility.

That’s why it is crucial to mind your due diligence and follow sound practices.

As you might expect, commercial properties are a departure from traditional single-family investments.

From crunching numbers to raising capital, buying commercial real estate will require more out of an investor.

That said, with the right dedication, you can learn how to take on more complex properties.

The following guide will walk you through how to buy commercial real estate and help you get started today.

Commercial property

Commercial property is any real estate property that is specifically used for business purposes.

Meanwhile, Commercial property is defined as buildings that house businesses, land that has a primary purpose of generating profit, and residential rental properties.

Using a building as a commercial property affects financing on the property, tax treatment, and specified laws on the building.

Commercial property includes malls, grocery stores, office buildings, manufacturing shops, and much more.

Commercial property performance, including sales prices, new building rates, and occupancy rates, is often used as a measure for business activity in a given region or economy.

For the United States as a whole, Moody’s provides the Moody’s/RCA Commercial Property Price Indices (CPPI), which measures the price changes in commercial real estate across the country.

types of Commercial real estate in US

having understand what the full meaning of commercial real estate is lets go further to explain the different kinds of commercial real estate.


this type of commercial real estate the estate is use for  commercial purpose and tat the same time use for a residence of the owner.

While they can serve primarily as a residency, the general purpose for the property type is for investment (owner-occupied or not).

The multifamily asset class includes everything from a duplex up through a multi-hundred unit apartment building.

  • Duplex/Triplex/Quadruplex

Duplexes are two-unit rental properties, triplexes are three-unit properties, and quadruplex, four units. Pretty straightforward.

The “plex” suffixed property types are found in virtually every market, but are more for beginning investors and those that would like to make a profit on their own residence (by renting out other units).

Apartment buildings, on the other hand, are typically distinguished as being low, mid, or high rise based on the amount of stories they have.

  • Garden Apartments

Suburban garden apartments started popping up in the 1960s and 1970s, as young people moved from urban centers to the suburbs.

Garden apartments are typically 3-4 stories with 50-400 units, no elevators, and surface parking.

Essentially, it is a collection of low-rise apartment buildings on one piece of property, those of which may share yard or other land space.

  • High-Rise Apartments

High-rise apartments are found in larger markets, usually have 100+ units, and are professionally managed.

The number of stories is less explicit for high-rise buildings, but typically once you exceed 10-12 stories, most markets will consider the building as a high-rise.

Once a high-rise building exceeds 40 stories and meets a certain height, it’s generally considered a skyscraper.

  • Mid-Rise Apartments

These properties are usually 5-12 stories, with between 30-110 units, and elevator service. These are often constructed in urban infill locations.


The Office buildings are  designated to low, mid, and high rise based on their size.

The Office buildings are usually loosely grouped into one of three categories: Class AClass B, or Class C.

These classifications are all relative and largely depend on context i.e. the location of the building and health of its surrounding market.

Class A buildings are considered the best of the best in terms of construction and location.

And Class B properties might have high-quality construction, but with a less desirable location.

Class C are those that might be fairly dilapidated and in an unfavorable location.

  • Central Business District (CBD)

Office buildings located in a central business district (CBD) are those that are in the heart of a city.

In larger cities like Chicago or New York, and in some medium sized-cities like Orlando or Jacksonville, these buildings would include high rises found in downtown areas. Checkout countries that are eligible for American visa lottery 

  • Suburban Office Buildings

This classification of suburban office space generally includes mid-rise structures of 80,000-400,000 square feet located outside of a city center.

Cities will also often have suburban office parks which assemble several different mid-rise buildings into a campus-like setting.

 Industrial Commercial Real Estate In US

Industrial properties can also vary quite a bit in size, depending on their specific use-cases.


Strip centers are smaller retail properties that may or may not contain anchor tenants.

An anchor tenant is simply a larger retail tenant which usually serves to draw customers into the property.

Examples of anchor tenants are Wal-Mart, Publix, or Home Depot.

Strip centers typical contain a mix of small retail stores like Chinese restaurants, dry cleaners, nail salons, and so on.


Full Service Hotels

Full service hotels are usually located in central business districts or tourist areas and include the big-name flags like Four SeasonsMarriott, or Ritz Carlton.

and some other type of hotel which include limited service hotel and extended stay hotel.

Mixed Use

Mixed use properties, while their own distinction, can actual be a combination of any of the aforementioned types of commercial property. Checkout USA Diversity Visa Lottery 2023 Application Form

The most common form of mixed-use properties, especially in cities, are retail/restaurant properties with offices or residences sitting atop.


in this you may it as agricultural land, infill land, brownfield land, etc and they are use for a different purposes.


The above categories of real estate cover the major types of commercial real estate.

However, there are plenty of other types of real estate that would be considered commercial, that investors construct and own.

Best commercial real estate firms in US are the following

  • NAI Hunneman – Boston, Massachusetts. 
  • Cushman & Wakefield
  • Eastdil Secured. 
  • Simon Property Group
  • Colliers International
  • CBRE Group.
  • JLL. (Jones Lang LaSalle)
  • Newmark Knight Frank. Newmark Knight Frank (NKF) is a market leader among commercial real estate advisory firms.
  • Shannon-Waltchack – Birmingham, AL

  • Progressive Real Estate Partners – Rancho Cucamonga, California
  • John Propp Commercial Group – Denver, Colorado
  •  Mohr Partners – Dallas, Texas
  • Franklin Street – Atlanta, Georgia

The above mentioned are some of the best commercial real estate in US

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